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Bariatric & Obesity Surgeries

Bariatric & Obesity Surgeries

  •  Bariatric Surgery is the only effective method to lose excess weight in morbidly obese
  • It results in resolution/cure of diabetes(associated with obesity)
  • Benefits of Bariatric Surgery: Resolution/cure of obesity related comorbidities like sleep apnoea, knee joint pain, infertility, acidity issues, fatty Liver/NAFLD, psychological disorders, etc.


  • All Patients with a BMI of more than 37.5 qualify to undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss.
  • BMI more than 32.5 with obesity associated comorbidities are also candidates of bariatric surgery.
  • BMI of more than 30 with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes can be offered bariatric surgery for the cure of diabetes.

In our society, there is a lack of knowledge and stigma about weight loss surgeries. Obesity is a disease and Bariatric Surgery is the most effective and safe treatment for it. The best part of Bariatric Surgery is that it not only bring your weight to normal but also resolves most of the medical problems related to obesity. It does not involve the removal of fat and its not a cosmetic procedure. There are many types of bariatric surgeries and which surgery should be done for a particular obese person should be decided by your bariatric surgeon.